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The Best Online Electric Guitar Lessons

So, you are probably a budding guitar player just like me. I’ve been playing for a few years now and I’m getting pretty good (even my wife thinks so). When I first started off things were pretty ugly I thought my only choices were expensive private lessons at my local guitar store or teaching myself to play by studying books and listening to my heroes like Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eddie Van Halen.

My progress was slow and I was getting super frustrated.  So, I started looking for free guitar lessons online. I can’t tell you how many hours, days and months I wasted sifting thru crap websites that promised great free guitar lessons but really didn’t have much of anything to offer.

My Personal Quest to Uncover the Best Online Guitar Lessons in the World

That’s when I decided to lock myself in my “studio” (spare bedroom!) and dedicate some serious time to uncovering the best lessons and tutorials for how to play the guitar, both acoustic and electric. After a few months I had joined, sampled, tested and compared virtually every online guitar lesson website in the world.  To say that I am a bit of an anal-retentive expert on this stuff is probably an understatement.

After wading through a ton of bullsh#t sites I found that there were really only a few that had the content and approach necessary to help newbies like you and me quickly start to play better.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages so I thought it would be helpful if I created a detailed review of each one of them so that you can decide which seems like the best fit for you.  Heck, you might even become such a guitar junkie like me that you get memberships at all of them. Most of these memberships will set you back far less than your daily cup of coffee and definitely far less than even the gas money necessary to cart you and your axe back and forth to lessons.

I find that these online training lessons are so much fun that I am playing a whole lot more and as a consequence I am getting a whole lot better.

What is really cool is that there are so many famous guitarists who provide lessons within these programs that it’s like getting training straight from some of the legends themselves.

I’m talking about folks such as Steve Vai, Lita Ford and Steve Stevens just to name a few.

Before I get to the reviews, I want to make one last point. These aren’t just videos of people playing guitar like you can watch on YouTube, these are real, guitar lesson plans that really work AND have the flexibility that you can work on the aspects of playing guitar that YOU want to focus on, not what some local guitar teacher wanna be thinks you should be focusing on.

My Favorite Guitar Training Sites on Earth

These Are The Best Online Guitar Sites Where You Can Learn (I am a member at them all)

Guitar Tricks (Try For Free)

  • The best site in my opinion for beginner guitarists whether kids or adults
  • Covers all the guitar basics in really good detail and easy to follow format
  • NO RISK: You can join for free and try it out for a full 60 days
  • With over 8,000 lessons  (and growing) you will never run out of new lessons and tricks to learn
  • Overall, the most affordable guitar training site I have found AND the best way to dip your toes in the water since they have such a kick-ass 60 day trial offer.


  • Well organized with training suitable for beginners and newbies.  These guys are real guitar training pros and you can tell that they spent a lot of time thinking thru how people best learn guitar.
  • Super advanced training : One thing I should note is they also have a huge archive of super advanced training. If you’ve been playing for a while and need that extra boost to hit the next level Jamplay is awesome for this
  • Boatloads of crazy advanced training from some of the slickest guitarists I’ve ever seen. Once you pick your jaw up off the ground you’ll be able to learn at the feet of some true guitar gods. Their archive is just massive.
  • At $17 bucks a month, Jamplay is pretty cheap. Think about how expensive it would be to have Steve Stevens stop by your house a few times per week to teach you how to play Rebel Yell and suddenly you’ll realize what a great deal this is. Plus, you are getting access to something like 40 teachers and 1000+  hours of professional training  AND live lessons if you want that extra something.
  • Broad range of training – Not interested in rock guitar? At Jamplay that is not a problem. They have electric, acoustic, jazz, country, classical and bass guitar training. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is an area of guitar training they don’t have covered.
  • Final Analysis?  Jamplay is a steal at $17/mo (less than I spend on beer)! For that small investment in yourself you get SUPER high quality online lessons that will keep beginners, enthusiasts and hard core lead guitarists engaged and adding skills on a daily basis.

The Final Word on Learning to Play Guitar

Online guitar lessons are simply the best way I have found to learn playing the guitar.

The Internet has made driving across town to “learn” from a guy who is certainly better than you but is by no means one of the best guitarists in the world obsolete.  Your schedule is probably hectic and filled with unexpected interruptions just like mine and having the ability to take a professional guitar lesson at 5 in the morning or 11:30 at night is a huge plus.

Plus, you don’t want to just learn from one guy who just knows one style! What if you want to learn blues guitar and he only has classical training? I love getting 40 different techniques, styles and sounds to learn from. Just the variety of guitar tunings you get to experience is amazing.

Another way that online guitar training simple stomps in-person training is that I am never nervous and feeling awkward. When I would go to the guitar store I always felt like everybody was watching, listening and judging me – an awful feeling.

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