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Learning to Play Guitar

Well if youre going to pick and strum, you want it to sound good, right?  That means you want the best lessons you can get with a solid structured program.

Most new guitarists will go online and look for only free lessons.  They may try one, maybe two or three, all with the same devastating results.  Nothing. They see very little progress and some people may give up feeling that maybe the guitar is not the right instrument for them.

But not you, right?  You are determined to learn and so you will find the best online electric guitar lessons out there.  You will pay the price because you have heard that old adage, you get what you pay for.  Its as true in any instrument lesson as it is in buying a car.

Art or Science?

Learning how to play electric guitar is really an art. (Not to say that learning to play acoustic guitar is not an art!).  Its not just about learning all the songs you love.  It is about how you play the guitar.  It’s about training and style and the progress you make. Its learning about the frets, selector switch, controls, bridge, pickups and all other important parts of the instrument that you are going to love and love playing.

This way, when you are done with your beginner lessons, you will already have basic knowledge to take with you into more intense lessons. And some of the basics you will learn include:

  • getting familiar and learning the strings
  • how to tune your guitar up properly
  • basic positions of the chords
  • making the right hand the drummer

Moving Past the Tip of the Guitar Training Iceberg

These few basics are just the tip of the iceberg.  However, if looking for great online electric and acoustic guitar lessons, you may want to look into JamPlay.  This is a company that has one of the most effective basic lessons and tips for the new player, and some of the best tools in the industry for learning how to play guitar.  There are always new videos with new lessons available at all times.  Another great resource I highly recommend is Guitar Tricks. They are crazy good at the science behind how to learn to play guitar.

Learning the guitar is such an incredible venture. The rewards are great, the satisfaction is complete and the sense of pride just makes you smile.  It doesnt take too long to learn a few basic chords and then put together a little tune.  Its also good for the soul in that it is a wonderful way to relieve stress and meet new people.

Well, this is definitely a factplaying a guitar will improve your life.  First of all, whens the last time you dragged your piano to the beach and played for your friends or did you ever call those friends over to have a sing-along with a drum?

So, it does seem that there are hundreds of good reasons to learn the guitar, doesnt it?  And there is another great company that provides these wonderful feelings and that company is called Guitar Tricks.  They are a third generation company that caters to the first time student and those who are more advanced, or the intermediate student.  There are 8 full length courses in their program and each one of these courses are designed for the student to pace their own progress.

So lets get with it.  Learn how to play guitar, an instrument that is portable, satisfying and rewarding.  The resources here are some of the most beneficial to you and your way of life! Enjoy.  Start strumming to your own tune.

With the training outlined here at Six and Out you will be able to learn to play the guitar better and faster than any other way.

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