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How to Play Bass Guitar

So, you want to learn how to play bass guitar.  Well, if youre interested in learning a instrument thats fun, or whether you are a very serious musician, adding a bass guitar to your to-do list is  rewarding and wonderful.

Counted among the ranks of many famous and start up bands is the bass guitar.  It can provide the low end notes or a rhythmic pulse pushing the music out and up into the crowds. And, because of this, bass player are usually in high demand.

But, what exactly is a bass guitar?  A stringed instrument, much like a violin, that uses its strings in order to cause vibrations that produce sound.

While mastering the bass guitar might take years of practice, there are a few tips that should give you a solid foundation of bass guitar technique and theory.  Remember, when beginning to learn, the proper way to hold the guitar is with a strap, even when sitting down.  Do not hold it too low.

So! Lets get to know your bass, shall we?

If youre just beginning to learn, then you are probably not too familiar with the body of the instrument, or the instruments anatomy.  If not, lets get you acquainted with it before we dive into learning how to play it!

You have strings.

Strings that you have been itching to play but should learn a little about them first.  A standard bass has four strings.  Each one of these strings produces a different note. The E is the thickest string and it is located closest to your chest.  Slightly thinner than the E is the A and it is the second closest to your chest.  The D is even thinner and of course, its the third string closest to your chest and then theres G.  This long slim guy is the thinnest and actually closest to the ground. All of this will become very clear to you when you start to investigate bass guitar tabs and bass guitar lessons.

Next are the frets!

These are the small metal strips dividing the guitar into sections from bottom to top.  So you see, the strings divide the guitar from right to left whereas the frets from top to bottom.  Got it?  Good.  Because if you look at it you can begin to see where the strings and frets together make something that looks very much like a grid covering the entire neck of your bass guitar.   If you place a finger in between two frets, on a string, you will play a note.  The higher you go on the frets, the higher the notes will sound. Fret work and string strumming/plucking are at the heart of bass guitar lessons for beginners and all of the bass guitar lessons online here at

How do you broadcast those great sounds you are going to make?

Well, unless you are playing an acoustic bass or an upright bass, you will be needing amplification.  Just like an electric guitar, an electric bass needs to capture the strings vibrations and it needs an amplifier to convert them into sound.  If you dont have an amplifier, you will need to buy one so that youre ready to play.  There are amplifiers that are made specifically for the bass guitar.  There are larger than the norm.  If you use a guitar amplifier for your bass guitar, you may hurt your amp.  Make sure it is for the bass guitar.

There are many more tips to learn and many more practice sessions to become accomplished as a bass guitarist and just one very important one.  The bass guitar is far more than just a guitar with two less strings.  It actually has a different feel and a different tone.  It has a different scale length and different conceptual approach.  Learn it with patience and play every single day.

Happy strumming!  So, hows your singing voice???




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