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Guitar Chords for Beginners

Ah, to learn the basics of strumming.

How many of us picked up a guitar and faked playing, sometimes getting inwardly excited because it almost sounded like a tune. Thats when you wished you could play, right? Thats when you contemplated learning.
Well, voilaThere may be hope out there because for your information, there are seven basic guitar chords. In fact, they are the very first chords that every new guitar player should learn.
These chords are many times called open position chords simply because they are played the the first frets and contain one open string. Learning these seven beginner guitar chords sometimes enables the beginner to strum a little diddy after a while.
So, if youre looking for the easiest chords, these are the ones to start with:

Basic E Minor Chord

This is the very first beginner chord you should get accustomed to. Its a chord that is used all the time in various songs.

The second chord is the C Major Chord

The C Chord is always a major cord. You want to begin by strumming the highest sounding five strings, which are the top five strings. If you see an X in the guitar chord, it simply means to mute it or remember not to play that string

The dont forgets of beginner guitar chords playing:

• Make sure that all your notes are sounding. Play each individually to be assured of that.
• Try to keep a steady beat by switching between different chords. Keep going. You will fix any problems as you are strumming so that eventually you will learn how to play guitar chords and switch between them smoothly.
• Try to strum on beat one of each measure. This way youll have the time to get to the next chord easily.
• Try strumming on beat one and beat three only.
• Now go ahead and strum on all beats.

Doesnt Matter What Type of Music or Guitar You Play

So now you know how important learning guitar chords is. It really doesnt matter what type of music you play or even if you play an electric or acoustic guitar. If you want to play rock, folk, classic or jazz, you really need to have a very clear understanding about chords. Its also very important to learn the theory behind these chords so that you actually know what you are playing. Theory isnt boring, it is magic. Rather than memorizing a bunch of chord diagrams, take the shortcut and learn the theory behind it. Know what makes the chord you are playing. Learn how chords are built and what make them a major or a minor.
As with anything important to you, learning at the highest level can take years. The guitar is a complex instrument and there are no easy ways to conquer it but to practice and practice hard.
Nowwhat about the pain involved? Well, theres really no way around it. Its the ultimate price if you want to learn the guitar. Especially for the beginner. Heres how it will goes, bottom line: Youre fingers are going to hurt like the devil until you begin to develop callouses. Naturally, this is going to take some time and in order to develop a wonderful callous, play on a regular basis.

The best is to play every day or two. Even with developing callouses, youll want to keep playing as you notice that you are actually learning something. You are actually playing chords.

Ive included a quick video below with some of the best free guitar chords for beginners. This video is a great one for teaching how to learn guitar chords.
So be patient. The slower you learn, the quicker you will get to where you want to be. Just remember. An instrument is not just an instrument. Its an extension of You! So, learn to love those callouses!

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